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Emerging Healthcare Corporation

A next generation platform delivering an integrated Health & Wellness ecosystem

Developed a full-service digital suite integrated with multiple healthcare platforms across the care continuum.

This corporation is a technology-powered healthcare provider and integrator for the health & wellness service ecosystem. The innovative healthcare platform we built is delivering HCPs and patients the capabilities necessary to improve patient outcomes, increase provider productivity, and fully integrate with the greater healthcare ecosystem.

Vibe Technologies

A new age of physical therapy equipment

Developed a human machine interface paired with custom bluetooth firmware to enable convenient use of VibeSit PRO.

VIbeTech is focused on delivering safe and accessible physical and occupational therapy to people with impaired physical mobility. VibeSit PRO is a NASA Spinoff technology using vibrations to boost strength & reduce pain in elderly patients. It activates the muscles throughout the legs using patient-specific therapeutic vibrations.

TVP Health

Amidst COVID-19, the world was running out of life saving ventilators

Provided rapid prototyping, fluid dynamic modeling, firmware architecture, and project management to support the launch of AIRA.

By re-defining accessible and affordable ventilatory care, we worked with TVP to meet the immediate need for ventilators and provide a sustainable long-term solution. EE Solutions helped the TVP team develop AIRA, which is an ICU grade ventilator. AIRA is built to be easily scalable and uses materials that are sourced from outside the biomedical device supply chain.

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